Saturday, November 20, 2010

treasure hunting

I love treasure hunting chippy white paint,browns ,creams,vintage lace and old photos.  this is my first blog bare with me I'm learning


  1. my daughter Michelle was helping me she had to leave so this is it

  2. Girl, you're now listed on my blogroll, so get to bloggin'! Hey... are those my hockey skates in your photo?! Nice to see you today!
    xoxo (like the banner)

  3. Beverly, congratulations on starting your blog. Kristi Day introduced me to your wonderful shoppe. You came to my sale too when I was packing up for my move back to Arizona. I lived in Hollywood Park. Kristi is really are one of the nicest shoppe owners around. Good luck with your blog...I'm going to be watching for your posts. Hope to see you next time I am in Texas!

  4. Congrats on stepping into Blog Land... and welcome! I started mine about 6 months ago, Grandson set it up for me, he was 9, he continues to help and mentor me, only a child would have the patience for someone so Tech challenged as myself *LOL* and be able to explain it at a level I could relate to and wrap my mind around... so I totally get your 'this is it' 'til the Daughter returns. *wink* I'm loving your Banner and wallpaper so I'll start out being one of your initial followers... Dawn... The Bohemian

  5. Hello there! This is Carla, Im a friend of Christie's. I've heard so much about you and your wonderful shop that you have! I have a shop in Dayton, Texas. Loving your blog!